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About us

The enterprise was founded in July 2012 to provide services such as fabrication, erection and welding of metalwork for power and construction industry.Vast majority of the activity is currently directed to serve Scandinavian and West Europe Customers.

Since February 2014, when TK Projekt has commenced its abroad operations, we have build up track record of fabrication, erection and welding jobs contracted to us and completed in Finland, Sweden, Belgium at recovery and power boilers, bridges, public objects. Welding services in workshops and sites were provided with methods 111, 141, 135, 136, 138 and combinations of them, e.g. 138/136, 141/111. Material groups welded: 1-3, 5-6, 8-11, also with use of forming gas.

We are very serious about fair treatment of the employees. Since November 2014 we are signatories of collective agreement with Swedish Building Workers Union “Byggnads”.  Since April 2017 TK Projekt is Confederation’s of Danisch Industry (DI) member.

Every abroad contract is directly managed and supervised by owner Krzysztof Cholewa with his full attendance and control of his staff during site or workshop operations. This is to maximise level of care for the task and smooth execution.